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WJUC 2018 Finals Highlights! 

This was crazy. with an intense match up between Canada and Colombia in the Semi finals to lead to a USA vs Colombia Final. Canada Open working their way into the mens finals against France in the Semis leading to an interesting finals. The game was heated throughout out but 2 or 3 weather delays threw off Canada. the adjustment from wet and cold seemed to have a quite the effect on both team mentally although USA was able to take it in the end for both Division.


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New Website, New beginning https://nkolakovic.com/blog/2018/10/new-website-new-beginning This has been a project that I have wanted to complete for a few years. I've been posting my photos on my facebook for a few years. As the quality of them have come from amateur to professional, I thought I'd give them a platform they deserve. So here it is. the official NKolakovic website.

I hope you all enjoy this as I make this website into something awesome, still a ways away but I'm getting there!

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